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Why Should The Manhole Cover Be Replaced?

Jul. 14, 2021

Why Should The Manhole Cover Be Replaced?

In all cases, you must replace a manhole cover at some stage. This may be a result of a vehicles load damaging the manhole cover due to its weight, eroded pavement or road surface around the manhole cover, or even rust/age having taken its toll.

In short, the damaged manhole cover must be replaced as soon as possible, because it is a serious safety hazard for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

Plastic, iron or steel?

You can choose from three main materials, each with its own advantages. In the traditional sense, cast iron manhole cover and ductile iron manhole cover are the materials of choice because of their size range and loading capacity, in some cases up to 90 tons; therefore, they are ideal for roads and loading docks and are often used by vehicles.

The galvanized steel cover is light in weight, easy to install, and has a carrying capacity of up to 17 tons. Once again, the galvanized steel cover is ideal for light vehicles that are often used on roads.

Plastic manholes are a modern and popular choice for almost all new construction applications. Not only do they look better on asphalt roads, they are also good for the environment because they can be recycled at the end of their useful life.

Inspection chambers

The inspection chambers, usually called manholes, can regularly inspect and clean the drains to avoid blockages. When replacing the manhole cover, it is important to measure the diameter of the chamber with a tape measure, which is especially important for plastic chambers. Once you do this, you can purchase a frame and cover to match the size of the chamber (usually 450mm).

If the depth of the plastic inspection room exceeds 1.2m, for safety reasons, a reducer must be used to reduce the opening by 350mm. You should always check carefully whether the frame and manhole cover you plan to buy conform to the inspection room of the relevant manufacturer.


Manhole cover

Manhole cover options

There are two main types of manhole covers to choose from. Standard manhole cover and recessed manhole cover.

Recessed manhole covers and derricks are metal pallets that allow you to lay all kinds of slabs or blocks for paving. Recessed manhole covers are easy to obtain and do not require galvanized steel manhole covers. Therefore, they are ideal for courtyards and block laying; why ruin the beautiful patterns and fashionable appearance you like? The internal manhole covers can also be used for expansion, garage or greenhouse. This includes a double seal to ensure that no odors escape.


When installing the manhole cover and the frame, it is necessary to remove the material around the old manhole cover to ensure the level and bed of the new manhole cover, and backfill around the manhole cover, and finally install the manhole cover.

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