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What is Recessed Manhole Cover?

Aug. 17, 2021

recessed manhole cover

recessed manhole cover

Manhole covers are usually made of cast iron or concrete. They are things that affect the aesthetics. How to hide them may become a problem that plagues many homeowners who carry out home renovations. However, if there is a manhole (insert cover or drainage inspection room) in the area where you are laying resin paving, there is a solution. You can customize a recessed manhole cover to integrate the recessed manhole cover and the scenery.



The recessed manhole cover is an open tray that can camouflage the manhole in the paving line. These lids can be built, but they are usually purchased. Aluminum pallets are more common and can be used for vehicles and walking. You can also buy permeable embedded trays to help you drain better.

The following is the filling of recessed manhole cover and other methods, such as making flower beds, paving roads, making lawns and filling loose stones



Be consistent. For example, if resin-bonded paving is laid, the same resin-bonded aggregate is laid on the bottom of the manhole cover. This ensures a consistent design and maintains the paving pattern. The consistent design can improve the overall aesthetics, and can better hide the embedded manhole cover.

a manhole cover

Manhole Cover


It is very simple to install the embedded manhole cover. This is a situation where a cement bed is laid so that the cover can be placed on it.


If you want to choose landscaping or grass, make sure to use a permeable built-in tray. It saves you a lot of time, does not require a lot of maintenance, and does not dry out quickly.


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