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What Is a Drainage Channel?

Mar. 12, 2021

What Is a Drainage Channel?

Drainage Channel in the floor to reduce the number of individual drainage points.

The system is designed with gratings to allow drainage to enter the channel while carrying various loads.

The channel is made of stainless steel to create a watertight system that can include a built-in drop to any number of outlet options.


Drainmanhole provides comprehensive drainage channels to suit any application and floor surface treatment, combined with the ability to produce customized systems to meet site requirements.

Channel drainage is usually called Linear drain or Aco drainage. They are designed as a discreet and simple drainage solution that can be used anywhere, from the smallest domestic environment to large locations such as construction sites or airports.

Despite its discreet and simple design, the channel drain can move large amounts of water and prevent floods and stagnant water. Since the length of the channel drains is much greater than the width, they can handle large amounts of water.

Channel drainage (also called ditch drainage) is a linear drainage system that transports water through an underground drainage system. It collects and disperses runoff in a large area, most commonly in front of the garage.

Channel drainage is one of the best ways to quickly drain excess surface water. Due to its long and narrow characteristics, channel drains are ideally installed separately on driveways, public walkways and roads.

Standing water may cause structural damage to your house and cause safety hazards in areas with heavy traffic (such as driveways and sidewalks).

Channel drainage is a good solution to these common problems. A well-designed drainage system will prevent rain and other runoff from damaging your home.


High standards of hygiene-eliminates health hazards related to joint cracks or leakage.

The built-in fall means that no measuring equipment is required. Leveling bolts provide fine height adjustment. The channel is manufactured by CNC (computer numerical control) equipment.

Minimal welding reduces traps for bacterial growth. Where welding is required (stop end, connection point, outlet), it should be ground as flat as possible. Mechanical joint system. The proven strong joints have not failed in the past 20 years. The gasket allows slight tolerances in the field and allows expansion of the channel.

Electrolytically polished. This sanitary finish has proven low count swab test results. It also reduces the potential for corrosion in corrosive environments.

The choice of gratings. The mesh type is suitable for flooding conditions, and the press type is suitable for flushing. Loads from pedestrians to 5 tons forklift traffic.

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