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Care And Maintenance Measures Of Mesh Grating

May. 21, 2021

Care And Maintenance Measures Of Mesh Grating

Due to the use of various materials, classifications and uses, it is difficult to determine which type of mesh grating should be used in the project.

The mesh grating has excellent performance and is widely used in stair treads, plant construction, street fences, building decoration, etc. This requires us to pay attention to the daily care and maintenance of mesh gratings in order to extend its service life and improve its use value. We can maintain the mesh grating in a variety of ways, including but not limited to:

If we choose fasteners to install the mesh grating, the anticorrosive coating on the surface of the mesh grating will not be damaged. We need to check the fasteners regularly to see if the fastener screws are loose. If there are signs of loosening, tighten the screws immediately.

If we choose welding to install the mesh grating, its installation method is simple and easy, and the cost is low. Then we need to spray the same color anti-rust paint on the weld to avoid corrosion of the weld after the welding is completed. We need to check the welds regularly. If the anti-rust paint is found to fall off, the original anti-rust paint should be polished off and repainted.

Clean up the garbage scattered on the surface of the mesh grating in time, especially the pollutants with corrosive characteristics. Make the surface of the mesh grating as ventilated as possible.

Anti-rust paint is easy to fall off due to constant friction in frequently used places. These places should be inspected and painted in time to extend the service life of the mesh grating.

For mesh gratings that require bolts, we need to check the bolts regularly to avoid the risk of bolt loosening. After installing the bolts, spray a layer of anti-rust paint on the bolts.

If you find hidden dangers such as cold welding or solder skip welding at the welding point of the mesh grating, repair welding should be carried out immediately, and then spray anti-rust paint after the repair welding is completed.

If the mesh grating is found to be damaged, such as deformation due to severe impact, the mesh grating should be replaced in time to avoid danger.

As long as you carry out appropriate daily care and maintenance, you can increase the use value of the mesh grating and extend its service life. This is of great significance to our daily production, life, work efficiency and environmental resource protection.

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