Manager Zhang of Chuangxin went to the "Tianjin TV Station Project" to guide the construction of linear drainage channel

Jan. 29, 2021

Cangzhou Chuangxin Metal Products Co., Ltd.

The layout of the precast drainage channel of Tianjin TV Station is mainly that there is a circle of slotted drainage ditch around the main building. After the rainwater enters the slotted drainage channel, it flows into the municipal pipeline through the rainwater pipe external to the side wall of the drainage channel. The following problems occurred during the communication between the company's Commerce Department Manager Zhang and the project leader:

1. How to deal with the corner of the precast drainage channel?

2. How to connect the side wall of the drainage channel to the municipal pipeline? How to deal with the joint of drainage channel?

Cangzhou Chuangxin Metal Products Co., Ltd.

After understanding the project's concerns, Manager Zhang immediately contacted the company’s technical department and proposed the following solutions:

1. The drainage channel body has its own letter groove, and each section of the ditch body is connected by its own letter groove. The joints need to be covered with structural glue or glass glue to prevent water leakage at the joint.

2. Where the drainage channel needs to be turned at a right angle, first consider using a finished collection well or a brick well to turn. Secondly, use the trench body and the cover plate to cut a 45-degree angle and then perform a right-angle bend in the butt joint method, and cut the butt joint to make a structure Glue or glass glue.

3. The bottom of both ends of the drainage trench is equipped with reserved ports, which can be opened for connection with municipal pipes. If the side wall of the trench body needs to be connected to municipal pipes, it is necessary to use a hole opener or angle grinder to punch holes. The connection of municipal pipelines is carried out by way of holes. The project department is very satisfied after seeing our company's solution, and is very relieved to cooperate with our company, and also very confident that with the strong technical support of our company, the Tianjin TV station project can be made more perfect.

Cangzhou Chuangxin Metal Products Co., Ltd.